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Cataract Surgery
How is Cataract Surgery Performed?
How is the Artificial Lens Chosen?
What About Using Lasers for Cataract Surgery?
What Does Post-Operative Care Involve?
What are the Possible Complications?

Cataract and Glaucoma
Visual Prognosis
Are Glaucoma Eyes At Increased Risk Of Complication During Cataract Surgery?
Does Cataract Surgery Help Lower IOP?
What About Cataract Surgery And Glaucoma Surgery?

Does Cataract Surgery Help Lower IOP?

Lens extraction can be an effective treatment for lowering the IOP. This is certainly the case for eyes with primary angle closure, where lens extraction may be offered even if there is very little by way of cataract. In these cases, it is likely that surgery will be offered if the IOP is high and there is a high risk of visual damage if the angle closure is not completely reversed.

The IOP may also be lowered in eyes with open angles and so this can be a beneficial treatment. Furthermore, the new MIGS devices are usually combined with cataract surgery to try and maximise and lengthen the IOP-lowering effect of cataract surgery, although long-term outcomes are not yet known.